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  • Request shipping label (free FedEx for 50+ books, otherwise, you can use our discounted rates or ship via your own carrier. For $10 we can set a call tag for FedEx to pick it up)
  • Select payment by cash or credit. We will pay you our standard price or 20% more as store credit to purchase from us!
  • You are done! No taking pictures, posting ads, labeling, haggling, sending multiple shipments or awaiting payment!


  • We will carry all major curriculums and their corresponding books and guides.
  • Pay with credit card or utilize your credits from selling books to us.


  • Prices are 40% off new curriculum
  • Free media mail shipping on all orders of $25 or more.
  • Free FedEx shipping on orders of $150 or more

We will start buying your used homeschool curriculum in May 2016 and will have curriculum available to sell in June 2016!